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Help Topics

Engineers (801, 803, 806, 810, 855, 854, 858, 861) Specialized Experience

Examples of GS-5/FG-5 (Equivalent G Band) Specialized Experience

The GS-5 is typically an entry-level trainee or developmental level, characterized by work on a limited range of assignments under close supervision, for example:

Examples of GS-7/FG-7 (Equivalent G Band) Specialized Experience

The GS-7 is typically a junior level employee or advanced entry-level trainee. Work is less limited in scope than the GS-5, and accomplished with more independence, but still subject to close review and specific guidelines, for example:

Examples of GS-9/FG-9 (Equivalent G Band) Specialized Experience

The GS-9 is generally no longer a trainee level; the scope of work is narrower and the level of supervision is closer than for a full journeyman, but the employee has considerable latitude in planning and carrying out work. Examples of GS-9 level work include:

Examples of GS-11/FG-11 (Equivalent H Band) Specialized Experience

Work at the GS-11 level typically involves a broad scope of responsibility, more variety, and less clear guidelines. Supervisory oversight generally consists of review of completed projects to assure compliance with organization policies or regulations. Examples of GS-11 level work include:

Examples of GS-12/FG-12 (Equivalent H Band) Specialized Experience

GS-12 is typically the full journeyman level for these positions. Work at this level involves a wide range of assignments or a few highly complex assignments and it requires planning and organizing, setting priorities, and working without clear or specific guidelines. Work is typically reviewed only to assess impact on overall organizational objectives. Examples of GS-12 level work include:

Examples of GS-13/FG-13 (Equivalent I Band) Level Specialized Experience

Work at the GS-13 level typically involves performing multiple, varying, and complex assignments requiring advanced knowledge of engineering principles and limited direction. Established guidelines exist, but require considerable discretion to select the most appropriate approach or to recommend new approaches. Work is typically reviewed at major milestones and at completion for technical compliance and alignment with the requirements of the project. Examples of such work include:

Examples of GS-14/FG-14 (Equivalent J Band) Level Specialized Experience

GS-14 engineers typically plan and accomplish highly complex and challenging projects (often as the principal technical specialist) under the minimal direction of a manager or team leader. Assignments frequently cross organizational boundaries. Broad policies provide general direction, but discretion is used to develop new and innovative approaches. Work is reviewed through status reports and at project completion for technical compliance and alignment with project requirements and/or other work activity. Examples of such work include: