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Help Topics

Expanded Veterans Hiring Opportunity (EVHO)

"Veterans and preference eligibles who are honorably discharged from the Armed Forces after completing at least three (3) years of continuous active service."

Veteran and Preference Eligible: A veteran or preference eligible, and a veteran spouse, widow, or mother who meets the requirements outlined in 5 USC 2108.

Active Service (for EVHO Eligibility only): Active service means active duty in the uniformed services and includes full-time training duty, annual training duty, full-time National Guard duty, and attendance, while in the active service, at a school designated as a service school by law or by the Secretary of the military department concerned.

Three years of continuous active duty service includes those individuals that were released from active duty a few days before completing a 3-year tour if it was for the convenience of the Government. The Human Resource Management Office (HRMO) will make this determination.

Veterans’ Preference in hiring does not apply on announcements with an area of consideration of “Current or Former Federal Employees and EVHO” or "Qualified Civil Service Employees and EVHO.” However, applicants who meet the above criteria will be considered in the hiring process. When the area of consideration includes EVHO, a preference eligible or eligible veteran may apply to a vacancy announcement even though he or she may be outside of the area of consideration. For example, an EVHO-eligible candidate is not limited by the commuting area for the purposes of being considered.